What is the Lettuce app?

Lettuce is a personal money managing app that allows the user to do the expense tracking and budget planning.


The young generation who living in a city like social life , but losing money management. Thus they often meet an embarrassing situation to reach out to their money goals. Also, they feel shy to ask help to get money from parents and friends. Sometimes friends or family noticed, but they don’t know the young people need or not.

"Too many banking apps, bills, subscriptions to manage and keep track of, no easy to use management app to motivated to save money for a financial goal. "


● Build credibility, trust, and brand recognition

● Motivate customer to create goals through Lettuce

● Help customers to reach out to money goals.
My Role

Product Designer / Visual Design

UI Design/User Research / Usability Testing/Prototyping/ UI Component / Graphic Design / Story Board / Research / Animation

Who are in our team?



Start from initial discovery to know context and users.

We kicked off by learning money management related knowledge and the marketing environment to know the context includes essential information, latest developments, and varying options in a subject area. We then move on to design a screening survey to find our target audience to participate in a user research survey, interview and testing.

Initial Research

In order to better understand the context, target users and opportunity in the market, doing the initial research which can help us to offer more effective questions in the user interview and survey.

Potential Target Audience

● mainly medium and high income group

● Age between 20s~30s

● People who have the intent to manage their money

● Primarily shop with mobile apps

After we found our target audiences and learning subject-related knowledge for user research, we started to design questionnaires to understand the following questions:

● How does target audience manage money?

● How do they engage with money management app?

● What is most need they want?

Interview and Survey

To better understand the mindset of a potential user and their pain points. Each member of the team to interview eight participants who are young generation wants to manage money to reach out to their goal.

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Go further to know context and users.

Persona & Empathy Map

After speaking with a broad spectrum of individuals on their experience with money management app. We narrow down to two personas and empathy maps to help me stay focus on the users’ needs throughout the design process. Empathy mapping helped me realized what users think, say, do and feel can be different. I observed the user’s behavior during user interviews to collect data which enabled me to think from the users’ perspective.

Competitor Analysis

We also do the competitor analysis to better understand our competitor's landscape and doing the competitor-complementation map to find some opportunity areas.

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Further Insight and Define

From observation to Insight

After doing the user interview, survey, competitor analysis, we start to summary the database, Use the "Insight Sorting", "User Response Analysis" and "Analysis Workshop" to insight about user behavior patterns.

After conducting user interviews, and analyzing the gathered data from research, I was able to categorize the insights into the Top 3 category.


Ideation & Explore Concepts

With all the supporting data presented, and pain point which already found. We do the brainstorming, mind map, discuss through drawing the simple sketch, play cards, etc to explore the concepts which can solve the pain points.

We also through the ideation session to figure out the Information Architecture and our unique features.

Through back and forth discussing the solutions and key features, we finally decide to list the Problems and solutions

Information Architecture

Once the key app content was organized, I continued to create a detailed sitemap to serve as the guidance to do the design. ‍

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Design Interactions

Base on the IA, pain points we found, we do the low-fi wireframe to figure out the interface again and again.

Usability Testing

After doing the first wireframe, we do multiple rounds of Usability Testing based on the tasks in order to make a better version.

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Design Interaction

Got some feedback from usabiltiy testing to improve the design. ‍

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Final Design

After many rounds design interations to make the Hi-fi mockups, prototyping and main user flows.

Conquer the issues

"Allow users to sync all banking accounts into one place."

Home Page

Showing the total income / spent / balance, Knowing the recent history from all banking accounts.

"Motivate users by providing popular goal trends, showing progress bars and pushing notifications as reminders"

Goal Page

See your friends' successful goals to get inspirations and check own money goals.

Transfer Page

Transfer page can send, request and directly add money to your goal.

"Provide a daily helpful tips on product services."

Notification Page

Send tips, promotions, info messages to users based on the schedule. Click can see the details to make a decision.

How to use lettuce in the real scenario

Based on the real personas to create a story board and user flow to show how to use lettuce in the real life.

Story Board Sketch

Create storyboards based on the personas, and go further to guide user flow which introduces our main features.

User Flow

Create a new goal and

invite people to your goal

Robert invites Jenny to his “Mraz Concert for Us :)” goal.

"“I am nervous but excited to attend the Mraz Concert and surprise her with my marriage proposal.” "


He was ready to propose to Jenny. He got the idea from lettuce popular goal trend and wanted to propose on the Jason Mraz concert. Therefore, he decided to create a new goal to invite Jenny and give her a big surprise on that day.


Robert is an existed user in Lettuce, he already login lettuce. And he created a personal goal for an engagement ring before, which is closed to complete.

Get the invitation to join

and add money to the goal

Jenny joins Robert’s “Mraz Concert for Us :)” goal and adds $20.

"Mraz Concert is a must-see! I can’t wait to see Mraz sing. I love his voice.” "


Jenny receives Robert’s invitation notification and she likes Mraz.


She has set her destination. She is taking the family share uber car. There is another passenger in the car, and the car has already got the reservations. But she needs to change her destination.

What I have learned & Next

From doing this project, I feel I got a lot of improvement, storytelling, UX method, team communication, technical knowledge, etc. This project also gives me a chance to use visual skills/design methods to solve the pain points.

Next time, I got more time, I will do more user research and testing to polish the UX and UI parts, also, I will fix some un user-friendly parts such like the notification bar can be slide up from the bottom.

Thank you very much for your attention and time.