YADAV Jewelry Online Business Optimization-2


YADAV Diamond and Jewelry


UX designer, Project Manager


Yadav as a diamond and jewelry store which grows fast on their online business, more than 80% online business has required Yadav to update their website and do the AD campaign to attract more customers and give user better experience.


As Yadav has new business and it needs to update the homepage to better introduce Yadav's features.


Using card sorting method and communicating with staker-holder to define what kind information which should show in the hompage. Shipping fast in order to collecting all the materials which need in the homepage.


Introduce the new business.

Update the homepage design.

Promote Yadav Key feature.

To achieve that goal, the following questions had to be answered:

● Who are the stake-holder?

● What are the target audience’s lifestyle?

● How do the target audience shop?

● How do they engage with diamond shopping website?

● What are the most needed features do they want on a diamond shopping website ?

● Who is our competitor?

● What is the metric?


Without full design files and system guildline which from the previous desingers

The feature and business which should be promoted is not clear.

To combine with the new style and balance the user and business goal


From whole view to super detail

How to design the homepage

Analyze Yadav's business and information which should be promoted in the homepage, through competotor analyze and communicate with stake-holder.

Competitor Analyze

Through analyzing what kind of information competitors show in their hompage. And define the inforamtion architecture for homepage

Define the Old page issues

● The page has a 1000px maximum width, with a box shadow on the side, so all contents have a visual feel of being "constrained" inside a 1000px box.

● With a lot of information being on the page, it overwhelms users, especially first time engagement ring buyers, with too much irrelavant prodcuts that are not neccessarily getting them further into the purchasing path.

● The look and feel of the page is simply "plain and boring" rather than "modern and clean".

See old homepage

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The Brand New YADAV

My newely designed Yadav homepage resolves all the key issues I found above as well as helping establish a younger brand image:

● With a maximum width of 1280px without any border shadows or boxes, it is visually full width like all other modern websites in the industry.

● The content of this page is limited to cover the product categories that Yadav provide, but not too much that overwhelmes users.

● The use of intuitive illustrations easily guide first time engagement ring shoppers into the right product they're looking for.

● Lifestyle photos adds emotional connection between the products and customers, establishes a more vibrant, young and modern brand.

● adding a section of user generated content on the page helps building trust with first time customers.

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