Autonomous Car Interface Design

Conceptural Design


Concept design for Subaru


Student concept work


UX/UI Designer

Mobile Part Design



Build the future autonomous cars' interface, especially for the family. Create a concrete storyboard to imagine future life, and what people want their car's interface looks like.


Weiqi Lyu

Onseul Seok


Based on real modern technology, we developed the mobile and dashboard for family autonomous car

Project Goals

Target Audience

A family with children who commute to the city and live outside of the city.


Feature lists

Mobile Site Map

User Testing

Mobile Part

01. Tracing/Observe your car

There are a map and a 360 camera which you can choose from the homepage

How to use

Click the icon for mapper or 360camera. The map can help you make sure the location of the car. 360 camera can help you observe the surrounding of your car.

360 Camera

Imagining when the car drive by itself, 360 Degree Camera can help the user to observe the environment around the car(outside). The user can see not only the data but also visually see what’s happening to the car in case of an emergency or accident.

-Look surround your car-

(Click and drag below)

02. Calling Now

Call the car to pick you up directly

03. Program Schedule

Directly and easily using the coding blocks to make the schedule to control your driver-less car.

04 Hamburger Bar

More options and setting parts are inside.

05. Mobility Service

Auto parking, auto charging, and share my car.After arriving, choosing the next step.


Multiple functions as window, light, trucks, driving, climate, windows, etc.

Car Dashboard

We choose a wider screen as the main dashboard for autonomous cars. Also using a physical dial to control conveniently.

How to control

Click the AssiseiveTouch to open the control bar, which can change the position and size of each section. The user also can choose the channel and set the brightness and volume

User Flow 01

Change Destination

How to change the destination when you are already in the car?

"I need to change my destination through the dashboard to reschedule my time. "


She suddenly remembered that she needs to go to another place to catch her parents. She needs to change the destination.


She has set her destination. She is taking the family share uber car. There is another passenger in the car, and the car has already got the reservations. But she need to change her destination.

User Flow 02

Get warning and notification

What to do, when you get alert from the dashboard?

"The Dashboard show alert will remind me to solve this and keep the safety. "


Get the alert, when he is in the car, he should choose how to solve the issues.


He is already in the car, and the owner of this car, he is on the way to go to his office. The long dashboard shows the movies and the condition of the car.

Center Dashboard

——Dial Control

Using the physical button as a quick button to control the setting. It is also a remote control can interact with the screen.